How Do You Really Make Your Photo Business Official?

How Do You Really Make Your Photo Biz Official? with Corri Butler on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

So many photographers launch a business because of a passion and dream to inspire others, tell stories, and chase their creativity. But, when it comes to the technical aspects of running a business? *Womp womp* … that’s less than exciting for most creatives. 

Enter: the incredible Idaho-based photographer Corrie Butler. She has mastered the art and the business side of things—and makes the biz side way more interesting and fun! 

In today’s episode, she’s sharing all the things photographers need to keep in mind when it comes to growing and making their business legit: contracts, systems, and what to set up to stay organized and efficient! 

Tune in for Corrie’s top 3 tips for those who struggle with systems, her favorite strategies to simplify the business side of things, and where to start if this stuff makes you feel *slightly* clueless.

In this episode:

[04:30] The business side of photography didn’t come naturally with Corrie, but realized later on that the sooner she deals with it makes it less stressful and more enjoyable.

[06:41] For beginners, they can learn either through doing their own research, making use of the internet, or they can invest in  a mentor who will teach them everything about business.

[08:37] Working with a mentor is another way to build a community, having someone that can help you along the way as you learn.

[09:21] Showing up authentically in social media means showing your struggles. And through those struggles you find people who are going through the same thing and you can learn, connect and grow together with.

[10:32] As an entrepreneur, the hardest aspect for the business for Corrie is the money making mindset. Having to think about pricing that’s worthy and also about taxes.

[11:44] Learning about taxes is very important in a business. And going to mentor sessions and workshops helped Corrie understand it better. Having systems and workflow in place can be a gamechanger.

[15:05] Corrie takes pride in how she provides client experience. She also pays close attention to feedback and compliments from clients, that helps her continue a good service and be better.

[17:27] Corrie shares her top three business tips for photographers. Her first tip is knowing your worth and the service you provide will help determine the pricing you charge.

[19:51] The second tip is to set boundaries, and not fall into the trap of having to please everyone.

[23:42] And her third and final tip is to find a tribe that you can connect with and confide in. A community of like minded individuals you can rely on, and people who will not be intimidated but celebrate with you when you succeed.

[26:08] Know your worth and have a healthy mindset, that’s what it takes to have a successful business.

About Corrie Butler

Corrie Butler is a wedding and family photographer in Boise, Idaho. When she isn’t running her successful business, she is a mom of two boys who’s she’s always adventuring with. Corrie is a super organized person and really knows her stuff when it comes to the business side of photography.

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How Do You Really Make Your Photo Biz Official? with Corri Butler on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

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