Million $ Question Answered: Can You Be A Good Mom & Business Owner

The Million $$ Question, Answered: Can You Be A Good Mom & Business Owner? with Grace Troutman

“You can’t be a business owner and a mother.” ← Has anyone ever made you feel that way or (even worse) told you that? I’ve felt this pressure in the past, from society, from people I know & sometimes even from myself. I would think that I can’t be my best in both areas consistently… So why would I even try?? And then, I would realize how deeply important it is to me that my kids see their mom pursuing her dreams. And, it’s just as important to me to be there for my kids’ growth and milestones. If both are values, then why CAN’T we do both?

In this episode:

[03:18] Grace shares her journey to being a photographer and starting her own business. 

[06:28] By sharing more about her life and showing up as a genuine person rather than just a business owner, Grace has been able to connect better with her customers and earn their trust.

[07:39] Be authentic. When you show up as your true self, people are going to fall in love with you even before they book you.

[9:29] Grace considers Instagram as her safe space. Her hope is that her followers will feel welcome to share their highs and lows with her and connect with her.

[11:33] No one cares as much as you think they care. People follow you because they want to support you so don’t be afraid to speak up and be vulnerable. 

[13:08] If you’ve been through a hard time and want to share to help people who are going through the same thing, make sure you’re not still in the thick of it, so that you can offer a helping hand from a place of strength instead of weakness.

[15:38] Grace shares her challenges in managing her time and setting boundaries.

[16:42] Grace outsourced some of her work. As a result, it allowed her to focus on the bigger tasks in her business while also maximizing time spent with family and education.

[20:49] Outsourcing allows you to focus more of your time and energy on the things that will increase your client’s satisfaction.

[23:13] Setting boundaries is an important part of running a successful small business. Learning how to say no is key to that.

[23:46] Nothing is urgent. You don’t need to reply immediately, and you don’t always need to be on top of everything.

[25:57] Grace loves the flexibility her work offers and the opportunity to travel with her family.

[32:24] Grace loves her business the same way she loves being a mom but she will always choose to be a mom over being a business owner.

[33:24] Your job and the business you run, do not define you. Who you are and what you love does.

[35:33] Family always comes first. Give more of yourself to them, and not 100%  to your business all the time. 

[37:03]If you’re thinking about starting a photography business as a side hustle, go for it! But if you can afford to give up your full-time job, do it. Your business won’t grow unless you let go of anything that keeps you from focusing on it.

About Grace Troutman

Grace Troutman is a wedding destination photographer and business educator based in the Midwest. She started shooting about 6 years ago and has traveled to places including Iceland, Ireland, Hawaii, Colorado, California, Washington, and many more. She’s lived in California when she was first starting her business, but Iowa called her home and she was determined to live a life of travel while still being close to her family and friends. If she’s not shooting with her team or teaching other creatives, you can find her hanging out with her husband and her cute little daughter.

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The Million $$ Question, Answered: Can You Be A Good Mom & Business Owner?
The Million $$ Question, Answered: Can You Be A Good Mom & Business Owner? with Grace Troutman

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