The MOST Juicy Questions Other Photographers Ask Me

The MOST Juicy Questions Other Photographers Ask Me, with Jordan Brennan on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

How does picking a niche help you become more profitable? What are the secrets to figuring out pricing? How do you get clients to relax in front of the camera and just be themselves? These are the questions my guest Jordan Brennan and I are taking you through in today’s episode, plus even more juicy, must-know solutions for editing, posing, social media, location scouting & beyond. 

Tune in to learn from two seasoned photographers answering all theses questions about how to improve your photography business and make it as powerful, and profitable, as it can be!

In this episode:

[3:36] As photographers, we learn so much by saying yes to every project and questions in the beginning.  But as we progress, it’s important to focus on where our heart is and what our specialty is so so we can best serve our clients. 

[7:18] Jordan attributes her motherhood-themed photos to her love of her own mother and the pain of not having enough photos of them together before she lost her.

[12:23] Photography has the power to change people’s lives.

[12:58] Pain and sadness are not the only things that can inspire art. It can also capture joy and it can do so in beautiful ways.

[14:-03] Your zip code doesn’t dictate your price. Being in a big city doesn’t mean you charge a lot and being in a small town doesn’t mean you charge less. 

[17:11] You have to be fearless when pricing your services. If people value your work, they will pay your worth.

[25:57] Jordan’s must-have tools for editing her photos. 

[29:33] Jordan shares what led her to create her own brushes that she now sells on her website. 

[30:40] Time is money. Find ways to edit quickly and efficiently so that you can free up more of your time to focus on other things. 

[33:35] Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

[33:59] It’s not the landscape or location that you’re interested in, but the emotions of your clients that matter most. 

[35:53] Jordan shares how she guides her clients to capture candid shots and why she never uses a shot list.  

[41:57] Jordan’s tip for attracting clients on social media is to stay true to who you are and do what feels natural to you. 

[45:15] Why it’s important to use hashtags that are relevant to your photos and why you should have a website.

[49:30] Stop obsessing over other people’s work. You are never going to be a leader if you’re just following and recreating behind others. 

[57:43] You are already beautiful as you are. Embrace it. Your natural beauty shines through when you are most raw.

[1:00] The whole point of photography is to capture the moment in time. 

About Jordan Brennan

Jordan is a photographer that focused on photographic models and bloggers in Los Angeles for 10 years. But now, you can find her in South Florida’s crystal clear water capturing a mama and her babies at sunset. Her passion is photographing your family in paradise, which we know is Florida. She also has her own studio and teaches other photographers how to get things going in their business and is really passionate about helping them see their value. 

Jordan is an only child. Her mom was her best friend and she lost her in 2018. Her passion for Mama’s being in front of the lens was born through the pain she felt from not having many photographs of her and her mother. Her love is motherhood, maternity, birth, newborns, and just mamas holding their babies is what really makes Jordan’s heart sing. Showing a woman how beautiful and strong they are. That’s the ultimate for her.

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The MOST Juicy Questions Other Photographers Ask Me, with Jordan Brennan on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

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