Unlocking the REAL Secret to Finding Your Ideal Client

Unlocking the REAL Secret to Finding Your Ideal Client with Hailey Faria on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

Ever feel like “finding your ideal client” is just a buzzy thing people say, but isn’t really achievable in REAL life? 

Honestly, been there. But it wasn’t until I did the work of uncovering who I actually wanted to work with (and why) that I started finding those exact people—and attracting them to my photography business over and over again.

Today’s guest, Hailey Faria, goes in-depth with me about how to figure out who your ideal client is, why you need to know what that looks like, and what happens when you begin attracting and working with those types of people. (Spoiler alert: it’s magic. Magic is what happens… and revenue, career satisfaction, and renewed passion.) Plus, we’re talking about one can’t-miss strategy all photographers should do to attract their ideal clients… like, today. Tune in now to hear more!

In this episode:

[4:26] Hailey describes what an ideal client is. 

[5:24] The importance of having in-depth conversations and showcasing your work to identify your ideal clients. 

[7:26] If you want to attract your ideal client, shoot the subjects that you like. If you love your work, it will show in your photos and you’ll attract clients who feel the same way.

[9:18] A dream shoot is one that showcases your creativity and surpasses your own vision. 

[11:22] Hailey shares her creative process for taking dream photoshoots.

[14:11] Photography and movie production have a lot in common. Both rely on the same key elements, including creativity, planning, and teamwork.

[15:53] How Hailey’s dream photoshoots have boosted her marketing efforts and led to new clients.

[18:30] The story of a touching photo of a little girl and her dad on the beach.

[19:40] The importance of having an emotional connection with your ideal client. 

[21:14] It’s not about capturing a pretty picture, but who’s in it, and what they’re going through.

[22:23] Hailey recounts her journey as a photographer and working with collaborators. 

[25:34] Communicating with your ideal clients and asking them the right questions will help you understand their needs better.

[32:31] Create your own style. Make it your signature and make it part of who you are. People will hire you and pay you for what you want if they find that they resonate with you. 

[34:34] Instagram is the most amazing tool for photographers to showcase their work.

[39:17] Hailey’s top three tips for photographers to get more dream clients to pose for them.

[39:47] Every client has the potential to be your ideal client. Share your work with them so they can visualize themselves in it.

[43:17] Hailey’s favorite ways to style her clients and create dreamy photoshoot sessions.

[50:09] Her biggest mentor in the photography industry.

[53:11] Hailey’s workshops.

About Hailey Faria

Haley is a soulful and artistic photographer located in North Carolina, but she travels all over the world to photograph beautiful clients and teach her in-person workshop reverie. Haley has two children 15 and 12 and has a husband who is about to retire from the United States Marine Corps after 21 years of service. Haley shared that the Lord is her Guiding Light and all of her creativity belongs to him. She would not be able to do what she does without his blessing.

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Unlocking the REAL Secret to Finding Your Ideal Client with Hailey Faria on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

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