The Power Of Making Clients Feel Seen

The Power Of Making Clients Feel Seen on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

As photographers, we sometimes focus on the technical side of photography, the styling, or the trends – but if we would hold space for our clients & really open up ourselves to be able to truly see them – it would change our life, our work & our relationships completely. The power of making clients feel seen really goes a long way.

If we understood the gift we have, if we could grasp the magnitude and importance of just being available & open to our clients and how powerful and life-changing that can be – magic would truly happen. So if you are someone who really wants to connect, tell meaningful stories, and truly help your clients feel seen for who they are – this episode is for you.

In This Episode

[02:22] Introduction of Denver-based, award-winning family photographer Stormy Solis and her program All Heart Access.

[02:49] Introduction of Tucson-based Tessa Rae Photography.

[05:33] How Stormy and Tessa started their photography career.

[09:22] The two parts of making people feel seen.

[15:56] Human connection and developing relationships are the core of why Stormy and Tessa love photography.

[18:42] In photography, you’re not just creating pretty photos, you have the opportunity to make someone feel their life is valuable, profound, and give them healing.

[20:54] It’s easy to take a photo that appears emotive, beautiful, and connected, but if what’s going on behind the scenes to create that moment isn’t true, viewers won’t feel it’s real and genuine.

[23:59] How Stormy communicates with clients.

[41:15] The importance of generational impact.

[46:44] How being vulnerable and open allows us to connect with others in meaningful ways.

[47:51] The formula to create emotion and beautiful art is not only about how you do it or the tools you use, it has to come from who you are inside.

[52:36] What to do and what not to do when you’re on set with your clients.

[54:06] How to make your clients feel they’re in a safe place during the shoot.

[58:17] As photographers, we should focus more on making a shoot be an amazing experience for clients.

How To Make Our Clients Feel Seen?

When it comes to photography, it is important that we build connections with our clients. Those are the moments that they remember most really what we enjoy right? There are so many ways to take little moments throughout not only your photoshoot but your entire client experience. I loved listening to Stormy’s process and how she makes every client feel special.

Another episode, “How to Get Kids to Cooperate During a Photoshoot” touches on this a bit and is great for makingthe photoshoot more enjoyable!

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The Power Of Making Clients Feel Seen on the Fill Your Frame Podcast with Jillian Goulding

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